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hey there, you reblogged a repost! D: please delete this post: doomedcircumstance[.]tumblr[.]com/post/77367847039 (remove brackets) and reblog the artist’s original post: yoyonaki[.]tumblr[.]com/post/15611283332 (remove brackets) because i want to try to stop the spread of the repost as much as possible and try to spread around the artist's original post so we can support them instead of the reposter! please help me in this effort, thank you!
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Hey sweet pea, thanks for making me alerted to the repost. My tumblr is not letting me delete the original (I think my blog is glitching and I’m too lazy to deal with it right now since I’m on mobile), but I did post the original for you.

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I was…er…watching CHICAGO and I felt like drawing Rose

….with octopus tentacles

….yeah I need to stop watching CHICAGO

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FUCK I HATE THIS SITE. HOW THE F DID I MANAGE TO WASTE HALF A BLOODY HOUR?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Ok, I’m calm. You can send me random asks. I really could care less about what. (Watch me not get any lol)

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um, so your fem!cro looks a lot like me bod-wise - would you be willing to do some more art of her being sexy and knowing it, so I can print’em out and stick them next to my mirror for days when I don’t feel too great about mine?

hello if these are too nekkid for printing I can do more just say the word

this femcro is my lifeblood

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Je vote pour l’utilisation quotidienne de “Fromidable”, c’est dit. 

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breaking news: equius’s secret revealed!!

(redrawing of a really old thing)

and bonus:



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caw caw motherfuckers

davesprite | john

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At first I thought it will be only human blood but then it became Homestuck

and then there was karkat.

tbh i was expecting kankri

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Also, mercury is in retrograde that day.
Should be interesting!

Using this post as a reminder to please keep your pets safe indoors, especially if you have a black cat or a black dog!

Why are we supposed to be worried about out pets?

Because superstitious idiots notoriously kill black cats and dogs especially on Friday the 13th. Also other people might make animal sacrifices :/ it’s best to just keep them safe.

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happy wriggling day, you angry little fuck

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Want to make some badass props and have no idea how? Check out my new prop making book for only 5$!

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If you don’t feel any need to reblog this unfollow me.

holy fucking shit. i hadn’t heard what spikes were until i saw the post so i googled it and literally could feel all my hope for humanity sinking. i’m about to cry. what the fuck is this shit? that’s barbaric! where the hell are they supposed to go? you do realize that the cheapest solution would be to invest in shelters and job help programs and stop homelessness, not just put fucking spikes up and say “out of sight, out of mind” no fuck you those are humans treat them as humans.

I’m actually really amazed that this isn’t a Human Rights violation.

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Prospit speed paint.